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HiveOn Miner Stats Missing Including pending payout!

Summary: site shows my farm mining. site no longer shows my pending payment nor any active workers. Nor does HiveON site my past hashrate (day, week,month)

Anyone have any hints for what I can look at. I can see my miner mining with the correct wallet configed but when checking HiveOn site… all my stats disappeared. It does show past payouts but does not show what my pending payout should be nor what my current mining rate is.

Only thing I did was upgrade my worker to 0.6-209@210819. Seems like after that reboot, all the stats vanished.

It looks like stats are down right now. This happened back in Feb as well and they fixed it fairly quickly. All data was still being collected last time and no profit was lost. Hopefully that’s the case this time as well. Last time there was more info on their Discord channel, but I’m not on there so I don’t know.

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Settle down, you will get your money everyone is in the same boat, pending payout is probably .1 eth relax

Same for me as well

Mine is also doing this, must be a backend issue, hopefully they fix it soon, thanks to OP for posting this thread as many others may be affected by this issue and looking for answers :+1:t3:

So this happened to me as well and in my looking for an explanation I noticed previous threads say this happened before and it was also mentioned earlier in thread. But one thing I that was mentioned in those threads was missed payments. Any concerns this will occur? Really new to mining on HoveOS or any platform so just hoping to get clarity on issue.