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Hiveon Eth Binance Not Paying Out

I reached my payout threshold a few days ago and I don’t have any coins in my Binance Wallet. I’m approaching a second payout and a little worried. I know the wallet address is valid because I’ve multiple transfers from Cudo miner. I’m running about 300 MH/S on two rigs. On my Hiveon screen its says I’ve been payed 0.10730 total paid. What’s up with the delay?

Not the best and not fastest idea trying solve financial question via forum
More fastest communication via dedicated Telegram channel or Hive Web chat Support.


I hope you got your payment

Thanks for replying. I’m trying figure out how to get support. I’m at my second payout and hopefully it goes through.

I tried those links before and it says I cannot join that group.

Russian chat seems to work. The english chat says the group is not accessible.

Possible you was banned before for spam or by BanBot
Contact directly chat admins to unban (RU chat admins also OK because they also present at EN)