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Hiveon and 2 ETH miners on same rig

So I have a 13gpu mixed rig. 11 cards are on hiveon and NBMiner. Working great and overclocks working great. I have 2x 3060 and trying to setup with lolminer. If I run the entire rig on lolminer it keeps crashing from different gpu’s. Instead of trying to go through all my overclocks I want to mine 2 cards on hiveon and lolminer to the same wallet as the 11 cards.

When I go online and look at my reported hash rate its only showing the 11 card hashrate and not the 11+2 hashrate.

Should I be concerned the extra 2 cards are not being accounted for or this is just a data representation issue on the hiveon site?

Have you gone into shellinabox and looked at the mining data? You should be able to see the active stats of both miners in there, just click ctrl+a+a to switch between the two sheets. I suspect hive just has trouble displaying both values. Also I found this thread that might be useful Setting up two Miners for the Same Coin (Eth) , same pool (HiveOn) but different Wallets