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Hive won't boot when I add a GPU

Hey guys,

Got a brand new miner (pre built) along with some new 2060 EVGA cards so super excited to get up and running however, already running into problems.

When I turn miner on with no GPU’s it boots normally just like my other two miners . When I put a GPU in, nothing. Fans start spinning but that’s it. Black screen, no errors just nothing.

As per attached images, top line changes from 510 to EVGA device when the GPU is inserted which doesn’t look right? Has anyone come across this before or have suggestions as to what I should try?


you need to update your nvidia driver first. you can do so by running this command:

nvidia-driver-update 510.54

once it completes, shutdown and boot with the card installed

Legend mate, thanks so much. Should have been able to figure that out myself. With the black screen from start up, I had convinced myself it was the MB.

Anyway, thanks again!

No problem! We all have to start somewhere :slight_smile:

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