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Hive &windows

Hello everyone.
Can be booted Hive Os in a windows system (of course after modify in Bios to boot from usb)?

yes, but you need to build a VM to do it. If you boot from the USB, you dont have to worry about a dual boot configuration. USB boot is probably best for you if youre just going to mine when you arent using the computer. If you want, you can mine in windows as well with CMD (command/terminal) windows.

Can we run hiveos on virtualbox/vmware? I cant see my rx 570 at my virtualbox/vmware hiveos.

Is there a way of getting Windows cli hashrate visible into hiveos? Mine is only visible in hiveon Pool but not in hiveos. I would appreciate a callback Info from hiveon Pool into hiveos If there are workers in your Farm hashing in Windows.
Or ist there a fix for that issue?

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