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Hive stop working since the update. Which hive shall we download now on the usb key?

Well, I think all is in the title, since an update that happened yesterday I can see now that my rigs stopped working. I am now with a black screen mentionning that he lost some directory. The question is : where shall we find the new version of hiveos in order to burn it on the usb key ?
Since I don’t really want to change to another OS it would be great to have an answer on this rapidelly.

Download location hasn’t changed:

Since you are mentioning USB key and lost folders - I can only assume there is a problem with your USB stick and not with the HiveOS itself…

Thanks. I burned it again and now it works fine.

One more support please. I would like to switch the rig to the new interface (now it is working on the old interface).

Where (and how) shall I input the following : ```
sed -i ‘s/^HIVE_HOST_URL=.*/’ /hive-config/rig.conf && hello

Several ways of achieving that - you can ssh into the rig or you can click on “Linux shell execute” at the bottom of the rig overview page and enter that string there.