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Hive started to charge money

Why did hive suddenly start to charge money for my rigs? ( only 2 rigs and it says that they should be free)

Because them greedy increase a lot! I have 2 farms with 6 video cards and no problems for year. Now I must use their 3% pool instead of nanopool with 1%. Hey, guys, how about 1.5%, a? Give discount for small home business. We don’t have much money (as you), ETH course so low, so I don’t convert it to USD for 2+ months. And now you say that I must pay for you. GREAT New Year GIft, thanks a lot! Then I have time, I crack your OS and use it for free. Or Install my own linux and Zabbix (watchdog’s allready have). Who knows, may be on next year you want 5 or 10%?

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what about in 2021?