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Hive says under maintenance but not seeing any mentions anywhere online. Did I get hacked?

Ive been mining with Hive for a couple years and have not ever seen this happen. When I go on my laptop it says server is under maintenance. But on my mobile app it shows I have no farms and no other information. I have checked the various pools where my rigs are directed and theyre all online but its nearly blank when I want to check on them. So is the server actually under maintenance? Thanks for any and all responses.

Same question, mine also shows like this. Is there anything wrong with it?

thats what I am showing as well. Im just weirded out a bit since there wasnt any heads up or anything mentioned from them that I could find online. All of my rigs are still mining from what I can tell in the various pools. And im getting payouts. So maybe its nothing to worry about. But it would be nice if the folks behing hive mentioned it somewhere at least! Very odd to me.

Getting the same messages. Been around 12 hours now, with no warning.

Apologies for the inconveniences, the team is currently working on restoring worker data so in the next 24hr or so there will be intermittent issues. Best to leave rigs online to ensure things go as planned.