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Hive reporting GPU incorrectly - any ideas?

Hey guys, I just set up a new rig with 7 GPUs and the issue is Hive does not detect them all, instead show this (I notice there it doesn’t show their memory):

I know the GPUs are alright, I’ve been using them before. The same with the PSU etc.
I’m thinking this could be some sort of setting in BIOS, stuff like PCI bandwidth etc. I’m almost certain this is something with how it’s set up / plugged in etc I just can’t seem to figure out what exactly.
Ani experience with this kind of issues and how to solve it? Thanks in advance!

You have to set overclocked manually i use core 1130 dpm 3 vdd 850 mem 2040 mdpm 3 pl 80

If my nothing but wattage stats show I usually I restart my rig until they are all green

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