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Hive Pool problem

Miners stopped mining in HiveOn pool yesterday. I am in australia and was connected to asian servers. No problem with what is the problem with hiveon?

What does tracert show against the Asia server?

What do you mean? where to look at that? Thanks

All good for now. Thanks

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Two ETH miners stopped mining today at the same time. They are on different pools one on hiveOS another on ethermine. What is the problem?

Anyone knows what is going on with HiveOS? I am still not able to mine ETH and ETC. Monero is OK

It looks like you did not find out the reason for the mistake you got. Did you try to contact the support team?

There should be such a service where the users can get explanations on some unclear performance issues. Or maybe there are more threads dealing with the troubleshooting on this forum. I am from and I am new to it.