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Hive payment issue

Hello hive is acknowledging my payment to them for mining fee. The eth address is 100 percent correct transaction ID says it was a successful but yet no funds in my hive account any help would be appreciated.

Sometimes you just have to wait a bit for it to be applied, did it go through?

The TX ID says it was a success I reached out to support and have somebody looking into it so let’s hope I usually don’t use eth but when I use usdt it works no problem

Yeah ltc is typically the recommended route for speed and 1 cent or so fee. They should get you taken care of.

Good to know I’ll start using that instead thanks for the info hives support was super quick at responding so I feel like they will get it taken care off

just a little update still haven’t received the funds keep getting told it will get fixed but nothing yet would not recommend sending hive eth for service. The tx id leads back to hives wallet so i can see they have received past payments so don’t know whats up.

Something odd I noticed they changed my personal wallet address after reaching out to them

There are separate addresses at each tier, primary Account & each Farm. The system it built for very large operations too :slight_smile:

Here’s the TX ID

Did you get a ticket number?

Not sure on ticket number but I’ve emailed 2 different hive support people

On submission, there should be an email/ticket number created.

Obviously folks in certain regions are under duress right now, but there are some folks that can access the ticket systems.

If you find a ticket number or resubmit. Paste it here I and we can poke it.

A Alex from hiveon and one from hiveon, this experience has been rather frustrating. But I’m glad yous are here learning some good info

[email protected] this is what it says in the email address for the support I’m messaging.

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