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Hive OS Vega support?

Is there a projected timeline on when hive will gain support for vega? i have 6 8 card vega rigs that i have been having nightmares getting to work on windows 10… would really love to bring them over to hive with my nvidia miners…

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for present time linux drivers support vega only when using gen3 pcie bus speed and x8 or x16 slot required

so i cant use risers then? or am i missing something here… since all risers are x1 to x16…

I have them working on linux… Very successfully
Especially running with Lyra2z and it is very profitable

if you dont mind me asking how did you get them working with hive?

Have you tryd rocm driver?
found this page (maybe helps)

also amdgpu pro 18.10 and 18.20 suggest to use vulkan (latest hiveos has

also link comparing gpupro and rocm (old driver )

Im not all that savvy with linux would i just stop the miner on hive os then use the terminal to install these drivers?

maybe these help

I’ve installed amd drivers on Ubuntu 17.10 so I presume this should just be the same way… Stop the miner and then use the hive OS built in terminal to install?

Except the last time I tried to install the amd gpu pro drivers I think I got dpkg failed or something along those lines

the hiveos version 5.59 dosn’t stop miner, if you have this version. mybe because of that you get fail. read readme file too, under /hive-drivers-pack

Please let me know if you’ve got it to work, i’ve tried the rocm drivers but it fails. I’ve got 6 vegas on risers and really do wish to get it to work on hive.

alright i will be sure you update this post if i get this working… i just wish hive would update with official support without having to do this would make things much easier…

I managed to get it to work on a fresh HiveOS setup, uninstall the amd-gpu drivers using “amdgpu-pro-uninstall” then follow this guide

This loads one Vega card, but it get all other cards loaded in serial, use this command before your miner start “HSA_ENABLE_SDMA=0”.

for example in my case it was:

HSA_ENABLE_SDMA=0 /hive/tdxminer.....

I however ended up reverting back to windows as i found i could not change the Power Play tables efficiently enough (yet) to get my usage down.

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i just hate dealing with getting windows 10 to find 8 vega cards… its such a pain

I’m not getting my vega 64 to work on the hive can anybody help?

where exactly do you add the HSA_ENABLE_SDMA=0 line? Is that done through the wallet or are you adding this somewhere else?


HSA_ENABLE_SDMA=0 /hive/tdxminer/tdxminer

if you’re using custom miner, just modify the file and add it in front of the miner path.

thanks. otherwise I figured out just in the command line. still wasn’t able to get the Vegas mining - they are seen by Hive but they don’t mine.

Dear all,

did you find some way, how to manipulate power consumption with tdxminer?