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Hive OS Stability issues

Hey guys,

So I have 2 mining rigs, originally i had a mix of amd and nvidia cards on both. For the purpose of this post i will refer to them as rig 1 and rig 2. Rig 1 ran for months continuously without a problem. Rig 2 (2 5700 xt’s and a 3060 ti) however, would run for a few hours and have to be reset. It would randomly start producing a ton of stale shares until the point that it crashes. To try to solve this problem I consolidated all my nvidia Gpu’s on Rig 1 and my 5700 xt’s on Rig 2. Rig 1 still performs without a hiccup. Rig 2 however (3 5700xt’s now) wont run for more than 10 minutes without producing a ton of stale and incorrect shares, and then it crashes. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong with rig 2 to cause this problem?When i had mixed nvidia and amd cards on it, the problems were much less severe which suggests to me the problem has to do with some components tolerance for 5700xt’s. Its got a Biostar Motherboard TB250-BTC PRO, an intel celeron CPU and 2 16 gb ram. Both rigs use identical flash drives as their hard drives. PLEASE HELP!!!

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