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Hive OS setup

Hey guys, Im really new to mining and was using nicehash on windows but was experiencing frequent crashes so I wanted to switch to hiveos so when my rig crashes it will start up on its own again.

The problem is no matter what I do I cant get the pc to boot into hive os from a usb drive. Ive tried enabling csm and legacy boot etc. I flashed the image onto the drive like instructed and put a rig.conf file on the drive as well nothing works.

Any help is greatly appreciated

What’s it doing? What’s your pc specs? Do you have another system to test with?

I have 1000w psu powering a 2070 super and a ftw3 3080. I’m not sure what the cpu and motherboard are as it’s intel and I’m an amd user usually.

So I’ve flashed the image onto the usb drive and I put it into the motherboard then power the pc on and it just goes to the bios. When I enabled legacy boot and csm and tried to boot again it just goes to a black screen no bios.

Do you have another system to test your drive on to make sure that’s not the issue?

I have another system but it is my main pc. Would trying to boot into hiveos mess with my windows os? Also would I need to remove the windows boot drive so it doesn’t interfere with the hive os boot drive?

nope it wouldnt mess with it at all, just select the usb drive in your bios as top boot priority