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Hive OS Second Rig Fees - Transfer Rate

Hey there,

I recently added a second rig to my hiveos account. It costs 3$/month and I’ve no issues paying that up but HiveOS only takes crypto as a payment. To recharge my wallet for 3$ or even 10$, I would first need to spend 0.02 ETH in transaction fees. Same for USDT as well, sped 20$ to add 3$. At that point it wouldn’t make sense and I don’t want to add a full year worth of rig fees to my wallet atm.

So what do you guys suggest I do? Should I just switch the mining OS and not mine another rig on HiveOS. My crypto is in an Exchange wallet atm. I could’ve send RVN as I use the official RVN wallet but Hiveos doesn’t support that. Thanks a lot for your help.

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