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Hive OS not flashing Bios correctly

I have a 4 580’s, 4 5500xts, 2 5700xts, 1 vega 56 and 1 p104-100. I have tried to flash the hive os bios files to increase my hash rate to no avail. my 580’s run at 26 mhs i am trying to get these to 31 or 32 like others have. how can I change the bios to be more efficient on hive with all cards, and also achieve better overclocks. i am using the b250 mining expert motherboard please help.

Just more research on each bios for the types of cards you have. Tedious but you’ll have to find stable settings for each of the cards

Ok Can anyone tell me why phoenix miner will not pick up one card but lol miner does? Can I just change the OC settings in hive to fine tune or do I need different bios files. I will do my research, and thank you for the help. Sorry if I sound stupid but I’m new to this type of stuff.

Check out @redpandamining youtube, thinks he’s monkey’d with all those cards.
I think he just did a 19 Gpu rig from
And I seem to recall that the p104 wasn’t friendly when trying to set OC settings and what not with Phoenixminer.
Each of those models have been worked with a plenty so there are lots of modded bios available if you ask nicely apparently. Just remember to back up, never said enough.

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