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Hive os keeps rebooting if I start mining with my AMD cards. Where are the logs?

Alright new to all of this, was running just fine. I had a riser short out with a 3070 in it, luckily card is fine. But I shut it all down for a few days while some new risers came as well as some new cards.

TB250-BTC PRO BIOSTAR Group (5.12 02/22/2018)
2 × Intel® Pentium® CPU G4400T @ 2.90GHz AES ATA KINGSTON SA400S3 240GB
5.4.0-hiveos #108


Issues is that once i enable my flight sheet and the dag loads in the system reboots constantly no matter what. But if I unplug the amd cards there is not a single issue. I did not have the 6700 before the riser shorted out it was an addition after the fact. But before I had the 2 580’s and it worked fine, and I have tried running just them without the 6700 and it still reboots. I have tried all sorts of pools miners etc., no change.

So anyone have any ideas? I have done a fresh install of everything twice. Also how in the hell do I get to my logs? I can enable them but it does NOT show me whatever the error is just before it reboots.

Any help would be appreciated.,


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