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Hive os isnt mining but doesnt show any errores

so my rig used to work but now it only display black boxes

ive tried running with only one gpu but their isnt a difrence, i dont think its the config due to it having worked in the past but one day it turned to this.
on boot the rig runs all the tests just fine but once it goes to actually mining it stopes sending a video signal and stays like this.
no errors show up so maybe im just missing some thing but the gpus work just fine just as the rig its self isnt shwoing any thing odd
anu help id thank

What does the miner log/ miner console show?

this is what i mean by losing singal the console doesnt show any errors and show that every thing is fine but when it would change page it simply cuts out and doesnt show any video

these are the last thing i see one is before it lose the video signal the other is after i press to shut off the rig which it flashes for about a second

What does this show?

  1. bminer is outdated
  2. RVN DAG size > 4GB so your RX 580 4GB can’t mine Ravencoin anymore (even if miner support mining with reducing hashrate, bminer can’t)