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Hive Os is offline but the miner works

Hello, from the web interface I see my rig offline, but if I connect in local claymore is undermining and also the pool sees the worker. What can it be? Thank you

i experienced that 3 or 4 times today , indeed
i am using CCminer and SGminer and all my rig were offline on the web panel , but in fact they werent offline at all , i think it is a prblm with HiveOS server

Ok, later I try to reboot the rig anyway, as it turns out to be 15 hours offline … thanks

go 2 ssh… say:


I’ve been having this same issue for many months, no matter what recent version I’m on. It started after version 0.5-82. I’m currently mining with claymore and t-rex, but it doesn’t really seem to matter what I’m mining. The web interface will only show online for 30 minutes to a day or two max, but will then go offline. The pools still show the miners connect and mining. Very annoying!!

I had similar issues until I moved my installation from USB to a SATA drive.

Maybe this didn’t help you? Because it is unlikely, although I do not know.

Well, if you didn’t unsubscribe, it may have helped. (did not understand the question, bad with English)