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Hive OS Flight Sheet help - temperatures

Hi, Noob here. Been using Windows/MSI Afterburner/Phoenixminer with tons of Nvidia cards. Just got a bunch of AMD cards and since Afterburner doesn’t work as well, decided to try out HiveOS.

The issue I keep running into is temperatures. I’ve tried the command line configurations for Phoenixminer, Gminer and NBminer both in the flight sheets and under the tuning section. Have tried reducing recommended core clock, memory clock and voltages to reduce temperatures to no avail! . The only options that seem to work are where it 100% shuts off a card if it reaches a certain temperature. Are there miners that can scale up/down based on temperatures?

Ideally trying to keep memory temperatures below 80 degrees, without outright shutting down a card. In Afterburner, the fans could automatically throttle up/down based on preset temps. Here my fans are constantly at 100% and I still hit the 45 degree limit for the GPU (I used that a rough done to keep memory temp below 80. Any recommended setting changes would be greatly appreciated!!

why dont you try setting the memory controler voltages and the memory voltage . you can undervolt there some and it might reduce the mem temps. Also swith on aggressive undervolting to on.

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