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Hive OS doesn't show power wattage on 3070 and PL doesn't work either

Hi there, how r u? This is my problem: Cannot see watts and for thath PL dont’ work. I can set it to 70w o 150w is the same. Nothing happends. For that reason the GPU is above 60º C when others 3070 are at 48. I’ve tryed: change riser, change location in mobo, change splitters, BIOS settings, different versiones of Hive OS and nVIDIA drivers. Nothing works. Only happens with this GPU. It’s a Gigabyte non LHR. Thanks in advance.-

Check riser

This thing happens to my rtx 2060 gpus when the memory clock is too high, try to tweak it down until its stable

CORE 1100
MEM 2400
do not use PL

Hi there! I’ve already change riser several times and versions. :frowning:

Hi there thanks for the tip I’ll try it. When I’ve released PL on the other 3070 core temperature rises 6/10 degrees.

Hi there! Already tryed it. Nothing happened.

I’ve noticed my temperatures stat low with this settngs and power consumption stay low also. Excelent data. Thanks! I’ll use it now and then. My problem was not solved but this settings will keep my GPUs chill. Thanks again!

A new configuration gives me 63MHs at 110w. Still can’t get wattage in second GPU but temperatures are ok. Greetings!

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