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Hive OS Display Sleep function

hi. On windows if you system use mining GPU for system display it will reduce mining highspeed by 0.2-0.4 H/s when you use display. When it goes to sleep it starts using your GPU at 100% speed and you get back your 0.2-0.4 H/s.
I mage experiment. Run HiveOS on motherboard with build in GPU for system. My 1070 card give me 28.20 H/s speed. Then I change motherboard (without onboard GPU) and my hashrate goes down to 27.85H/s. I think this is reason that HiveOS use this 2-3% of GPU power to show Hive OS graphic shell. I was trying to google. I was trying to remove hdmi wires but it didnot helped to get back my hashrate.

It will be nice if we can set display screen timeout or turn off screen (sending video signal to screen) by command. Please Hive OS command do it. THX

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exit openbox and removeing all wires (hdml or displayport) hashretes go up. but still cant beat windows monitor sleep

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