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Hive os crash and dont Reboot

hi, i have a mini rig and all 2-6 h my hiveos crash.

and ignore commands like reboot, shutdown + boot 30sec… all commands

i have it on a usb could it be there?

overclock are rather moderate.

only 1 Vega 64 (56 bios) on this rig

1400 core

900 VDD

900 MEM

Tweak :

amdmemtweak --CL 20 --RC 37 --RP 11 --WR 14 --CWL 8 --FAW 12 --RAS 20 --REF 65535 --RFC 248 --RTP 5 --RRDL 6 --RRDS 3 --WTRL 9 --WTRS 4 --RCDRD 12 --RCDWR 12

try installing it on a HDD. what about the PSU is it good?

PSU i new and i try to install it on SSD and it goes offline too. HDD i dont know
try it now with windows that I can exclude hardware problems (CPU, RAM).

HDD or SSD doesnt matter. have you set a watchdog in hiveOS? because if its not set properly it could shutdown the rig. Also you say crash, crash how? It doesnt mine and disconnects ? it powers off ?

it goes offline, stops mining and power on ,no command works and also watchdog dont work.
sameone says he hat the same issue and used a older hive os and now its stable.
so i try on windows 1-2 days and then its stable i go back to hive on a older version.

I think its a problem with vega cards. I had 4 of them in 1 rig and it had this crash daily. Now I rebuild the rig and changed out gpus. There are still 2 of those gpus in the rig and 2 in a different one. Now both have that problem but more rarely. Im mining Ergo on the Vega cards currently. Both rigs have 6 other Gpus on eth (amd and nvidia). What I found out is that reboots crash the rigs, but boots from power off work fine. 1 rig is running for 2 days now and the other 8 hours, both had the crash and needed manual power off.
Did you figure out a fix? I changed out gpus between 2 rigs, changed psu, changed boot drive and changed risers without any success.

I think it got fixed in the second last hive update

not yet! i use the latest 0.6-205@210715 version
and my vega rig still get offline everyday without any error log, ignoring commands like reboot, shutdown + boot 30sec… all commands .
im st cut down the power suply to make go back mine.

this is not the latest version dude. latest is 0.6-206@210723

gotcha ! thank for the info!

@Party can you post screenshots of your flight sheet for mining Erg and Eth on the same rig? I’ve been unable to get a dual mining setup to work in any of my Vega rigs.

This is my current one, but I struggle with 1660s with flashed bios on that rig that’s why I change it allot.
On another rig I just use team red for the vegas on ergo and trex for all other (nvidia) cards for eth

Solution to the freezing problem described here:

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