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Hive OS 2023 booting fails SSD Drive. (Lots of errors and Kernel Panic) All ready did hard cleans on 4 SSDs. Still the same issue

So after a while of being offline I decided to clean start all my rigs. So I cleaned 4 SSD Drives on windows disk app, and then using Ballena Etcher I did a clean installation of Hive OS image (i didnt use the Hive OS new app because it didnt detect the SSD).

So once I configure the rigs in each SSD and tried to boot the rigs, the same errors and windows appeared in each SSD and in all the rigs. Its detecting SSD as the bootable device but then nothing. Dont know what else to do… It seems that something is wrong with the SSD but with 4 at the same time? not a programer so i really dont understand where the issue is.

Seeking guidance here :frowning:

Do you have a working install to test on this rig?

Does the install that errors work on other rigs?

1.- i don’t have a working instalo yet
2.- all the ssd installations failed in all rigs :frowning:

This appears before the image i uploaded in the first description

Then this

Try using Rufus instead of balena