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Риги не отображаются на Hive OC, но майнинг происходит

Воркеры активны, риги не видит. Майнинг на пуле происходит
В чем проблема по ригам?

Everything show normally in the shell?

I would reflash the latest stable image, as yours is old.

Installed IOIMiner 1.47. updated all drivers. After launch hive does not see gpu, but at the same time mining occurs on the pool

does not show hashrate on gpu

Do you have another device to try to access hive dashboard from? Like a phone or another pc? If so, does it show the same? It looks like yours may be showing cached info instead of up to date actual info.

Yes! Connected 3 different devices.

And they all show the same?

Did you try reflashing the image already?

Yes! All 3 devices show the same.
How to reflash? please tell me

You can run hive-replace -s And follow the prompt and wait for it to reboot on its own, or use your pc same as you installed hiveos, and replace your rig.conf onto the drive after.

Firmware installed. Driver updated. Nothing changed.

Can you post some screenshots?

How about some from the shell, anything look weird?

no. Everything is as usual. He sees the hashrate on the pool and mines according to the hashrate. Maybe a crash due to lolminer 1.47? On Friday I’ll try to switch to nbmaner.

Everything happened when I switched to lolminer 1.47

Should still work fine, but it’s easy to try another miner in your flight sheet.