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Hive is showing worker as offline, but they are not

Hive is showing worker as offline, but they are not. They are showing providing hashrate at flockpool. Anyone has the same problem?


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same here, randomly couple rigs going offline for 5-15 minutes…
Hope they fix it soon :smiley:

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+1 I got the same salvation.
Telegram keeps saying the online and offline messages.
And HiveOS page/Apps can’t load it.
I thought is my problem so I will set my rig a few times aleady.

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same haha, was annoyed to restart every 5 min rigs…

When this happeds the first few times, I thought my rigs hung. I went and reboot the rig, and it still shows as off line. Then I decided to mine on a server that is not hiveon, just to make sure it is in fact offline, and I realize the rigs are not offline, but shown as offline.

It is likely the API only. Check the poolside, the miner interface, and power consumption monitors if you use them before restarting/rebooting/etc.

How is this now? I have the same issue.
My rig shows working on the pool and getting shares, but the worker is offline on Hive OS.

Anyone find an answer to fix this? I have 3 workers and one constantly goes offline in Hive but still mining on the pool.

It’s been fixed after changing my HireOS from USB to SSD. Hope you have a same situation.

I’ll have to try an SSD, thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

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the web interface data goes through a different server, and if you have issues connecting to that server, you might not see your rigs. Run net-test, and try the best api server (you can set it in the settings tab.

Previously, using nicehash, tried using hive os, there were a lot of bugs, my rig was stuck periodically every few minutes until the last time it was online but it looked offline, it turned out that hive os had a lot of bugs, not as seen on youtube which looks stable and profitable

Sometimes there are network issues. The interface goes through a different route than the work itself. You can select another one in the settings > Mirror Select parameter

You can check the status at

Within hive cli you can test the ping times (net-test) and choose the best api server. Would be nice if the routed you automatically depending on your location and reroute you in case of a failure (like the hive pool now)

the same problem

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