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Hive goes offline anytime I restart the miner

I have a strange problem with one of my rigs. It’s got 6 A4000’s and anytime I switch miners or sometimes even just restarting the miner it will go offline with no error. I have a smart plug connected so I can monitor the power and also remotely restart it. It definitely stops mining since the power draw goes down afterwards.

Also, selecting restart from Hive which does a shutdown and restart in 30 seconds doesn’t work. It will restart, but won’t ever connect again until I actually power cycle it with the smart plug. Just turning it off isn’t enough apparently. Really annoying problem I’ve been dealing with for a while now. It’s the same motherboard I’m using on other rigs too so not sure what it could be.

Seems like I may need to use a new storage device. Right now it’s booting off a flash drive, but so are all my other rigs.

Try swapping drives between rigs and see if the issue follows the rig or the drive. Narrow down the variables

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