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Hive Bot says all my miners are offiine

Suddenly all my rigs went offline - hive bot telegram notification. Hive OS ( also shows offline. But i can see they are ok. I have rebooted them. Hive bot says: booted.

Problem: hive OS still shows offline

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I also encountered the same problem

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I am having the same issue too.

This is strange, shows offline but it says one card missing (and it’s true) so there is some connection, after watchdog reboot card came back and worker shows all cards.

Same for me suddenly both miner went offline and still not able to come back online! Tried manua restart but nothing

Same here, all 3 rigs show offline, still running, still active on mining but no api control ability.

I Just checked the Hive Status, and it Show’s that Work API Amster is Offline!!!

I informed support by chat on pool website. They are usually fast and helpful.

I hope the relevant personnel can deal with it as soon as possible

and i have this problem for about 30 minutes. All machines are offline.

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Mine are down too…

Hive API seems to be responding with 502 Bad Gateway… at least the rigs are still mining.

Will we get credit for what is mined once it goes back online?

Back on, down for about 30minutes, no mining lost according to hivepool, appreciate the quick response and fix - thanks

Ty for fix.

It is ok now, issue resolved, Thanks

Mine rig are working with high LA and still just can see one url with net-test. Paris-Amsterdam-Helsinki still doesn’t appear…

I’m with same problem

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