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Hive Bot not responding to hive.start for Discord notifications

HI, we unsubscribed from Discord notifications in order to create a new channel on our Discord server for these notifications. We unsubscribed in HIveOS and then kicked the Hive Bot from our server to start from scratch. We then clicked the link in HiveOS under Discord as we had done before to add the Hive Bot to our server, which worked and the Hive Bot shows as online. We created the new channel and sent the hive.start message in this channel but are not getting any response back from the bot. Is this currently broken? Or are we not able to “refresh” the connection like we are wanting to do?

We even tried deleting the server and re-creating it from scratch with a new name and get the same result. No response back from hive.start with the code we need. And we can verify that the HIve Bot is online attached to our server.

Same issue here. doesn’t respond in channel or to DMs.

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