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Hive API v2 Failure - /api/v2/farms/<farmid>/workers
The above URI fails to retrieve the requested information.

The programmed API request has worked for more than a year however now fails. Attempting to report the failure through the chat yields they offer no support. Posting in the discord, not one reply. Attempting to test through the URI:

Produces “403 Forbidden”

This is very frustrating as it has broken our self authored monitoring single pane of glass monitoring for the farm.

To ensure the basics are out of the way, the application is using node-red, the request is being built with the above URI as a GET request and the following headers are set in the request message:
headers[“content-type”] = “application/json”;
headers[“accept”] = “application/json”;
headers[“Authorization”] = "Bearer ";

This method works fine executing the simple /api/v2/farms/ request. The expected JSON message is returned. However, when executing with the request for the workers, the request fail with the 403 error message and no payload is returned.

I have further attempted to create a new Personal Tokens API under the account setting of Authentication Tokens.

Again, this has worked for over a year and is now broken. The farm was turned down for 48 hours post ETH Merge and when turned up to begin mining once again, the call no longer functions. Something has changed with the API and no new documentation is available nor support.

Please Help!


This problem was solved with a currently undocumented endpoint change to the API specification.

The new endpoint should be: