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Hive API Javascript/node realtime Visualization Project (nvidia)

Been working on ths on and off a few months; I only have nvidia cards so amd will be unreliable… as i only fixed/patched/band-aided the api bugs :confused:

‘realtime’ means data checked every 15 seconds; but the page refreshes the stream automaticlly.

[](http://Github-hive ctrl)

Still in-progress. Usage instructions in repo. Groups rigs cards by card type! Tracks farms/rigs color coded temps and historical graph of fan speed. Basically rewriting the hive front end… the ‘hard parts’ (API normalization; still working on it. are finished so would be useful for others to learn how to use the API in nodejs. Also has a bunch of other features for helping craft config files with multiple miners (click a group of cards). Includes flightsheets data too.