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Hive 2.0 UI - GPU count on Overview page is incorrect

I have 10 rigs running.

8 of them have 8 x GPUs.

2 of them have 6 x GPUs.

They are all being counted as having 8 x GPUs and that is wrong.

Total GPU count currently = 80.

Total GPU count SHOULD = 76.

Overview page:



But looking at workers page:


As you can see, 2 of those rigs have 6 active GPUs, not 8. And Hive knows that and shows it correctly on the workers page.

Also noticed mixup in number of GPUs… and also already have mentioned it. I can see that numbers get mixed up when using double threaded mining on AMD cards… Once cards come back online - number of GPUs stays low, and number of CPUs rises…

is it possible to write gpu count number over the green place ? So we can know the gpu number without counting the green place.