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Hive 2.0 Public Test [EN]

Hi! I’m Dima Fern of Hive.

As you all know here mining is NOT profitable. But if you don’t believe this shit I invite you to Public Hive 2.0 testing.

We wanted to improve existing product but the more we changed the more we wanted to improve and that brought us to a completely new product.

Improvements were done in almost every part of the system. Here are the some important changes.


We wanted to make User Experience better and just could not stop. At first we improved half of Hive 1, throwed it away and began just from scratch. And didn’t release until internal satisfaction achieved. Now “look Ma what I’ve got”!

Farms and Collaboration

Each user account now can have multiple farms. You can now split owners, locations, etc. Farms can be transferred to other users as a whole. So now it’s easy to setup a farm for client and make him owner after or organize your own business.


No more EWAL, DWAL, ZWAL in templates. You select coin and put the address. Later we will extend financial instruments in Hive basing on this.

Flight Sheets

Create a flight sheet for your rocket to fly.

We have created config for almost every pool and miner. If you didn’t find your favourite there is public repository on Git where you can push requests.

And you can have more than 2 miners in one Sheet. claymore+ewbf+xmrig - no problem if you are that crazy.


The rig now stores OC profile for each algo. No more bulk switches of OCs. You can setup each rig individually and it will remember it’s OC when you apply another Flight Sheet.

Autofans can be controlled from the web now, please set the value there if you have used it before manually.


No more forgetting to unset rig active state if you don’t use it. We will bill for the rig only if it was active during the day.

ASICs base price is reduced to $2.


As it was posted before Hive now has open API. Official web application uses it. And you have full access to Hive methods and create any kind of crazy stuff you dare. Like custom monitoring, mobile app, etc.
Topic about API: Hive API v2

Migration from Hive 1.0

We wanted to keep running Hive 1.0 in parallel but that lead us to the problems which are hard to solve with 2 databases, like paying referrals rewards from new to old Hive, statistics, billing, etc. Our final decision is to replace existing Hive in whole. Yes, somebody would not like that and we will hear “previous version was perfect give it back” but it’s evolution, it’s merciless. We are sure you will love the new version after a couple of days cause it’s so much better.

Linux OS is unchanged. All old installations will work. Upgrade is recommended for using 2+ miners, autofans, accurate coin-algo hashes reporting.

All user accounts are migrated automatically. All the mining continue as it was. You will need to set coins on existing wallets, delete obsolete configs, etc. Visit Flight Sheet section to check your miner setup.

How to get to Hive 2.0 Testing Site?

Telegram Testing Groups

Temporary domain for new Hive 2.0

Login and pass are the same, your data is migrated.
We repeat migration from time to time so be ready that your changes would be lost.


API v2 URL is This is app API, not for rigs.

To connect your rig to new site please run the following in Linux Shell Execute:

sed -i 's/^HIVE_HOST_URL=.*/' /hive-config/rig.conf && hello

It will change URL to testing server. After the release it will be not required.

To switch rig back to original Hive

sed -i 's/^HIVE_HOST_URL=.*/' /hive-config/rig.conf && hello

– reserved –

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Супер. За день два думаю привыкну, но статистика болие расширеная, что очень радует

попробовал. ewbf miner на btg не подключился к пулу. сравнил конфиги. раньше на пул имя отправлял кошелек. а сейчас dummy.rig2. хотя dummy я нигде не использовал в именах и названиях.

и после того как вернул адрес первого Хайва уведомление что риг оффлайн приходило со второго дольше

Настройка новых майнеров и монет стала очень удобной


What with custom miners at v2? didnt see configs for them…

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select manual pool and then custom miner will be available for configuration

um… maybe it makes sense to add a custom miner by default for each pool? But Yes, it also seems to work. Tomorrow I will try to start hardware on v2.
Thanks for reply @hiveon

Put my 3 rigs on this, love the new overclocking!!

-Any way we can get 2 miners on different pools/algos? Ex. I have a rig with some 1080s, and 1060s. Would like to have the 1080s on lyra and the 1060 on eth if possible.

Ok, new functionality is great, but the design is terrible, here are my two cents:

  • Default screen after login - overview is useless, better send to main farm workers.

  • Workers screen: terrible!
    a. In compact view no fans, hash, temps per gpu! why?
    b. no fast link to shellinbox ip!
    c. if you open extended it barely fits 4 rigs per screen!
    d. in extended view all the info is there but same color, hard to see specific things!

  • Flightsheet and wallets its way better for management, but what do i do if the coin doesnt exist in you list? Please add “custom Coin” or something!

  • In flightsheets screen, the “name” of the flightsheet is with the smallest font compared to all other info on the flightsheets, doesnt make sense and its hard to find the needed one.
    -Worker screen: all the info is there but it needs some colors where the hash, temp and fans are.

  • Tunning: now i cant leave restart miner option empty, why? I prefer to set speed and reboot timer, personaly, no need for restart miner option. On old design empty on restart miner was working.

  • Please implement at least Nicehash autoprofit swtich tool.

This is just the bad stuff I see, there so many great improvements, we are here to criticize so you can improve :slight_smile:

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release date known?

As Dmytro says

so when major bugs wll be fixed and internal satisfaction achieved

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First impression of api 2

instead of nice one api 1

So lots of stuff and you need to navigate a lot to find right stuff :slight_smile:
Going from api1 to api2 need to start Flight Sheet’s from zero , at least lots of copy paste,because if you start to edit old one from api1 it deletes all miner settings.
actually this is not problem if you start with api2.
about referrals, is there a way to see are they mining or just hanging?
And if entering ETH address, under referrals, and press save it dosen’t do anything.
i have used it few houers and like all new thing need get used to :slight_smile:

I am testing version 2 but I have a problem creating my wallet.
Can you add the algorithms of (like nicehash) please?

Work with coins and algos still in progress

@hiveon @HaloGenius
We have completed the french version translation.

We’re glad to be participate on our way !

Just one remark: there is some errors on technicalfield like line 42: “Are you shure instead” of “are you sure?”

doesn’t matter or you will correct it ? there are several line like this ?

Yes, this error was in the original document, but since this is the key, we leave it as it is. At least for now
Also some new keys will be added so work not stop )))

@HaloGenius that what I thought and also told to my mate not to touch any of these fields.

Anyway thanks a lot !