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[Historical] DAG Fix

This article is fo historical purposes. Not actual anymore.
All new build starting from 0.5 have dag fix from the box.

DAG fix for AMD 4G cards
NOTE: new release has 17.40 driver from AMD with DAG fix. Though the problem with downvolting is still true. ROCm kernel has been removed to save space.

You all know, that AMD 4Gb cards have problems with DAG file for Ethereum mining. AMD does not give us any patch or fix for Linux. Though there is a patched Linux Kernel which is called ROCm. So during boot you can choose patched ROCm and non-patched linux driver. Press Down or Up arrow to catch boot menu during startup. Or you can set run

grub-set-default "1>0"; update-grub


grub-set-default "1>2"; update-grub

to switch booting kernels.

The downside of the patched ROCm kernel is that you can’t use OC with full power. Applying any MEM or CORE frequency will set GPU in the most powerful mode. Downvolting DPM states do not work. Though you can set only DPM levels and they seem to work if you don’t set frequencies. So my advice is to give up overclocking in web panel and just flash VBIOS with settings you want.

Also script file attached how to do it remotelly