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HIS RX480/580 Is it possible to reduce power consumption?

HIS RX480/580 Is it possible to reduce power consumption?

I bought a used HIS RX480.(HIS RX 480 IceQ X² OC 8GB)
However, it has been modified and unstable, so I changed the Bios to “RX580”.

Edit VDD / VDDI, but the power consumption does not decrease at all.

I want to reduce power consumption. teach me please.

I investigated further.

Is it possible to reduce the wattage of 101W while maintaining 29MH / s?
Please give me some advice.

Aggressive undervolt? What’s your settings? Also what are you mining?

Mining eth.
Seeing other topics, 30MH / s may be possible.
But I gave up because it was “HIS” and could be an outlier.
However, I want to reduce only power consumption.

Is this because you changed from rx480 to rx580?
Is it due to the product?

My 480 is at 76 watts mining eth I can give you my setting if you like?

I made it a long time ago, so I forgot, but I probably changed it to “HIS.RX580.8192.180605.rom”.

Since it is a HIS product, I don’t think it will work with information on other topics.
Am i wrong?

I would reflash it back to 480 then redo the bios mod then apply oc settings I’m positive you can go undervolt it lower then 100 watts

These are my oc settings


I forgot because it was a long time ago, but the history of “193203.rom” and “HIS.RX480.8192.160603.rom” remained. I’ll go back to either one.

Does Bios change still require Windows?

Can’t you do it from HiveOS?

Yes I use Windows to flash the bios with Polaris bios editor,ATI and pixel clock pretty sure if you change core clock to 1120-1140 and vdd to 840 it will consume less power lowering your overall wattage


thank you !!!

I will post the execution result again.

No problem hope the settings I recommend help I’m positive they will.

I tried a lot.

“HISRX 480” of “Tech Power Up”
Apply two types with BIOS overwrite.
After rebooting, “HISRX480” and “ATIRX480” were displayed.

However, in both cases, the HiveOS settings did not work and were unstable. It stopped when VDD was 900 or less.

Eventually I returned to “HISRX 580”. I was able to control the voltage.
It was an operation mistake.

I was able to set it to 83W.

I was able to try other things and increase 2MH / s, but I didn’t choose it because it also increases the wattage.

This time, the base BIOS of “HIS” was not found.

And I think the basic BIOS is set and tuned according to the hardware of each vendor.
I thought it was important.

There was almost no information about “HIS” products on this bulletin board either.
I don’t know yet, but I think there are differences in the company’s products. That may be my lack of understanding.

There may be individual differences.
Because individual differences were bad. Maybe I got it cheaply.

I investigated further.

Is it possible to reduce the wattage of 101W while maintaining 29MH / s?
Please give me some advice.

Yes it’s possible you will need to mess with the oc settings some I noticed your using memory state 1 I always use 2.

You can lower core clock to 1180 and up your memory clock it should balance out

You can also use higher reference to get more mhs
On Samsung I use reference 30

I heard that setting overclocking is a quest, but I was able to experience it.
I was able to study a lot.

Increasing the hash rate will increase the wattage. The reverse is also true.

I thought I needed to make a comprehensive decision from the correlation of many hardware. …

Let’s take a look at this setting for a while.

Thank you for your advice.


For those who have Samsung Memory, sometimes work better with CORE STATE 3 (in my case I have Samsung K4G80325FC) and work worst with CORE STATE 1. (Also try Aggressive undervolting –REF 30 work better)

Don’t trust in info system (71 W) the real watts consumption is 130/140 W


I am happy with this setting.
In my environment, VDD850 has no effect. 860 was the best.

I confirmed that the total power is 280W with a direct power measuring instrument.
No riser card is used.

An amateur like me speculates as follows.

Why is the bulletin board flooded with information and not everyone is happy with one setting?

→ Motherboard is not mainly for GPU.

→ Motherboard is mainly made for CPU. Therefore, Intel / AMD does not cause individual differences. The physical size is also different. As you know, chipsets are becoming more and more important and changing.

→ It is estimated that there is a 10% error in both hash rate / wattage due to individual hardware differences and correlations.
I am divisible. (GPU developers come to this board and ask for a sermon

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