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HIS rx 470 4g iceq2 oc and turbo not stable

I have 8 cards his 470 4g iceq oc and turbo
In dual Mobo GB h110 d3a
The issues is the rig not stable sometimes it’s don’t open x server (not connect on network or internet during that)
Some times after load show me an error uvp I search in google and find it connect to Linux kernal drivers (this card being random every time) then the system totally freeze
Also some times show blank screen
And finally sometimes work well for about 2 days maximum
I tried more than 150 solutions at least for the Mobo bios enable 4g , disable and enable mining mode …etc
Also I try to get original bios and that was useless with low hash
Tried more than 5 versions of bios from techpowerup and others (for sure I tried updrade and downgrade Mobo bios)
I tried to change system to windows 10 also have same issues with another way like have blue screen or windows sometimes drop a card
Then I start in hardware I change every single cable , riser , power , hard disk , flash memory , add more ram
I change motherboard to ga 945 and get same problem after spend more 2 days In that
After I get crazy I tried the 4 cards in already working rig I just change the cards , guess what same problem
So what wrong I am doing ??
Is it card issue not driver issue? That’s the only thing I do not try it in Linux but I try it in windows
Is it normal to get 8 card from tow providers and different versions of the card and all get same issue with three Mobo?
I spend one month in that , and I am really need help here
Mobo : ga h110 d3a , ga 945 , Asus b250
Ram : 4g , 8g , 16g
Processor : g3900 , g4400
System , hiveos , windows
PSU : 650 , 1000 , 1600
Storage : flash memory , hdd
Thanks in advance

Из твоего текста понятно что ось и карты не причём, ищи в биосе материнки. Включи GEN 2