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Higher Hashrate with 2 cards, than with 3 (RTX3070)

I’ve got this problem in recent week.
As u can see on the attached pic I’ve lower hashrate with more shares/hour (over300shares/h) with only 2 RTX3070 cards, instead of 3 now (over 200 shares/hours), similar ratio (99%).
I’m using the same pool (Hiveon), same miner (Phoenix), similar OC.
It was my initial week on Hiveon, so it could be some kickup for new accounts.
What do u think?

i had the same issue when i combined 2 4xgpu into 1 8x gpu rig, half the shares for double the hasrate. My brain tells me that possibly more difficult shares are being produced due to the higher hashrate, but nobody has confirmed this. I have seen several posts with similar questions/ senarios

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keep an eye on the earnings. As long as the profit goes up, I wouldn’t worry about it.

ok, u r right…just keep mining :pick::grin:

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