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High Watt Usage When Running in HiveOS not in windows

I am currently running 2 rigs and I noticed that in HiveOS I need to increase each cards maximum watt to get the Ravencoin Hashrate I was getting when running on widows. Its weird to me I need to double my power to get the same results. I did notice on the 1080 and 2080 it is almost double the watts needed on HiveOS to get the same results in windows using Afterburner, Am I missing something?

For example

Rig 1 - Windows
3070 - 30/MH 135W
1080TI - 30/MH 115W
3060 - 24/MH 130W

Rig 1 - HiveOS
3070 - 30/MH 150W
1080TI - 27/MH 220W
3060 - 24/MH 130W

Rig 2 - Windows
1080TI - 27/MH 115W
2080TI - 39/MH 130W

Rig 2 - HiveOS
1080TI - 27/MH 220W
2080TI - 39/MH 220W