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High temperature in 3080 rtx gigabyte after changing thermal pads! 60 C

Hi there
I’ve been struggling with my gigabyte rtx 3080 for along time. Ive changed the thermal pad, im okay with my hashrate but the temperature is high!
Any one has a suggestion? I cant see my memory temp in hive os.

And this is my setting. Ive changed it due to people recommendations but nothing lowered the temperature.

If temps are high after replacing thermal pads, either you used cheap pads or not the correct size pads.

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It means you probably used the wrong pad thickness (bigger than you should), and now your mem temp is most likely fine, but your core temp is higher because the heatsink is not making enough contact on the paste/core cpu unit

likely used thicker than needed pads. also, use a locked core clock instead of the core offset/power limit method.

I used 2.5 mm for both sides. I’ve find that it’s good for both side as one of the member here nations I’m I use thermal capacity of 17. The brand was not that famous but got good reviews.,
Any one have a suggestion on what the settings that could lower the temperature?

Do you any setting that could work for me?

locked core clock around 1060-1080 will only use as much power as needed. and im sure the thermal pads are fine, just a little too thick, or the paste used isnt good quality etc.

Thank you for response but I’m new at this.
Do you think what core, mem, power level will worked for me right now?
Weather is kinda hot here

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