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High temperature 3070

Good afternoon . I’m new to this . I’m trying to use Hive os, but my boards heat up a lot. It’s normal? What’s my mistake?
Sorry for the English error. I’m using google.

Thanks a lot

Put core clock on +1100. Your power consumption is insane at the moment

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Thanks. Others settings, do I keep the same? Memory 2200 and power limite 130?

this is my setting, the OC might not work for you. but lower the power to 125W for sure

If you fill in a the +1100 core clock, the core clock is fixed and the GPU only use the power that it needs. In my case this is 116 watt. Power limit isn’t needed, but i keep it on 125Watt it just for safety. For the memory clock you can leave it like this. But if you have a cool environment, you can increase it… I have it on 2400

Your memory speed is insane. on the long term you will roast your memory. Is that worth it?

Dont Worth. Definitely. got these over clicks here on popular clocks. As I didn’t understand, I followed the popu llar dfo hiveos. I accept suggestion.

Thanks. I will try it.

Like this???:point_up_2:


Thanks a lot everybody

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