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High stale shares with 40ms ping on hiveon


So i have about 700mh/s eth on hiveon pool across team red miner, phoenix miner and t-rex.

My ping to asia pacific server (closest to me) is 40ms, and stratum ping is 45-50ms - wired connection ~200mbps

Yet my stale share rate is 2.5-2.8%, across all the miners.

So i wanted to understand, what else could go wrong.

Im on a i5 7500t @ 3.3ghz, 16gb ram, running hiveos on an ssd

Im running 3 miners in parallel

I know hiveon pays 50% for stale shares, and i know some people tend to think ~2-3% is ok,

But, for a ping of 40ms, and with 700+mh/s (soon to be 1gh/s), i dont think 2-3% is acceptable.

Do let me know how to solve this, what am i missing, what can i do to reduce the stale share ratio

Edit: stale shares up to 3.5% now

I have the same problem, just not your hashrate :wink:

I contacted the Support drin hive os. They claimed, it’s the speed of my Internet connection.

Then I started to reduce my overclocking … only three hours later, my stales started to go down.

Are your settings for overclocking a bit too extreme? Just have a try and reduce then a bit.

Pls let me know your results


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A little worried about this phenomenon too, latency of pool can’t be the unique factor
Got 11ms on the EU pool and 1.39% stale. I wouldn’t fear a ban for so little
Russia : 55 ms, NA : 96 ms, ASPAC : 156 ms, 17 ms on nanopool
May SSL can increase latency ?

Since EIP-1559 hit this morning I have been getting up to 40% stales mining on Hive to Ethermine. Latency only 40-48ms. I upgraded hive and reset my internet connection to no help. All of my Windows PCs with 1 card in them are getting no stales.

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