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High stale on ETH ( not ETC )

Hi community

I went back on Hiveon pool to mine ETH and was just afraid how high my Stale ratio was high

I am somehow surprised as :

  • My Stale ETc ratio is far better
  • My ISP looks rock stable 400Mb/400mb to EU main server, no packet drop, latency to Hiveon pool of 15ms
  • Was previously on flexpool DE @ 7ms latency with average 0.5% of Stale

Any idea ?

Assuming you are NOT prioritizing a port/device/etc on your local and outbound switch/router…My suspicion is upstream congestion at the ETH target which is not occurring at the ETC target.

Same latency response to both pool “responders”?

No rules defined on router nor LAN
SSL port used is 24443 for ETH
SSL port used is 20443 for ETC

Share are accepted within 25-35ms for ETH
Share are accepted within 15-25ms for ETC

Latency to ETH server is 16ms
Latency to ETC server is 15ms

Some shares on ETH are accepted within high latency > 4000 ms, for sure the stales

Is there a way to precisely check this ? without having to parse tons of log

Have the feeling that things work less since september begin or end of august, corresponding to student back to school and workers back from holidays



Invalids make their entry in the dance …

According to this news, it looks like ETH network is again victim of some congestion.
It reached it’s new ATH few weeks ago

Am I the only one in that case ? think not

fwiw: (5) Rigs hanging off (2) different ISP’s pointed at same Hive Pool region, same time lines, average 7000+ shares each

3 Rigs 24hr Stales ISP 1: 1.33%, 1.45%, 1.51%
2 Rigs 24hr Stales ISP 2: 0.53%, 0.62%