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High power draw from 6 cards, 940w+ from the wall


I would appriciate some help, im not sure why my system is drawing this much power.
When the rig starts up, the powermeter says sometimes it draws about 800w, but after some time it shows over 900w. I have tried two different powermeters also. Any ideas?

Motherboard - ASUS ROG Strix B450-F GAMING
CPU - Ryzen 2600x, idle with stock fan.
PSU - LC-Power LC1200 V2.4 Platinum Series 1200W, should be 92%.
6x Noctua NF-P12 redux-1700 PWM - these should be 1w each.
1x 5700XT
3x 5700
2x 580 8gb

All bios are modded and im using the latest TMR miner.

I can provide more pictures if needed.

I had the same issue because of an cable distributor (sata power connection). The wire was getting very hot and so it consumes aprox 100 W(!!). Are there any hot wires?

900W sounds normal for that number of cards.

Ok I do not have these 5700 but very similar power reedings in the hiveOs list.
And at full temperature of the cards I can read 750-777 watts at the wall:

6 x 5600XT and two power supplies at 220V.
With that cable issue (3 riser at one sata-port with lausy cable) this rig needs 860-900W

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