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High memory temperature rx 5700 xt

Hi, i just added a new gpu, “Asrock Amd rx 5700 xt taichi oc plus edition”
the memory T reaches 90-92, some told me that it’s normal for that model of 5700xt and others said that it’s dangerous.
what do you see, should i worry about it? and any advice to reduce the T?

Navi cards, specifically 5700 & xt variants of the cards, are designed to have higher memory temperatures for long durations of time.

Obviously, higher temps will reduce the lifespan of the card. As long as you have good airflow, you will be okay with having higher temps. The hot air just needs to be moving away from the card and not sitting there.

If you are worried about it, stick a box fan by the rig blowing hot air away from the rig, or lower the clocks.

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where is the best position for the fan to blow the hot air away?
and if you know stable OC settings for this GPU can you tell me please?
thanks in advance

The answer to both of these questions are available on google.

There are plenty of resources for airflow with electrical components (specifically computers on youtube)

Hive has a built in overclocking presets panel, which gives you a rough idea of what other users are using. But every card is different, and responds to overclocks differently.

I bought one of these card while ago and it had same issue. The Temp edge on 5700 is 100c and cutoff 110c if i remember correctly. I returned that card, Memory should not run that hot, imho it will be fried in time. Maybe someone wit longer experience can clarify this issue more… im interested allso about these high temps… like are they normal like some are saying. good luck

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