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High load average on amd rx 580

Hi, im new in hiveos , i use 5 GPU AMD RX 580
The problem is that this day i got red message in hiveos that says “LA” or high load average
I dont know what to do because yesterday it was working perfectly fine
Do i have to change something?

On my opinion…
Startint with the 2FA security system to obtain more securit on your miner.
Set a default voltage, helpping to make the performance stay high and not stress the GPUs.
Is possible that LA (load average) normalize and you obtain a best performance.
Search on forum about overclock configurations to RX 580 GPUs… There are good examples to configure your miner.

Открою тебе свой секрет . Выставь Core=1145 . mem=2239 .VDD=850 .