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High Load Average gpu shutdown

I’m running 9 3060ti and 2 3070 on a Asus Maximus VIII with a i7-6700k. I also use 3 4xriser to split my pcie slots. It’s powered by 1 850w PSU and a 1200W PSU.
I have the GPUS running at 2200 memory clock and -500 core clock with 130w power limit and the GPU temps never exceed 60°C.

After a few hours 8 of the 11 gpus just shutdown and 30 mins later the same happens to the other 3 gpus, rebooting the system does nothing only taking away the power brings the cards back online.
HiveOS shows a high load average and the CPU becomes hot (about 60°C).

Has anyone had the same problem or an idea how to fix this?
Also, could it be dangerous for the cards?

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