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High LA


I have played few hours but unfortunately, I cannot start mine. Claymore always restarts or become the zombie… LA is high.


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Drivers, Bad setup, something else … Too many variants for this mobo

May you prompt how to check riser quickly? I suspected one of them. Perhaps, is a tool?

For riser - only eyes or hardware tools )
Usually when one or more cards cause errors, we have corresponding error records in dmesg. So, check dmesg output

Dmesg has not an error or warning :frowning:
12 or more GPU rig is a big headache.

Russian saying says “You love to ride - love and sledge carry”.
Yes, diag problems in big rig problematic.
Try to diag half of them then another half

drop overclocks from default by -25% then start rising memory clock by 50 if it holds few mins add more 50 until it crashes then drop setting by 25 and thats wherre yourr sweet spot most gpu goes core clock -100, memory +1000 wattage depending on brand model form 45w to 260w for rtx3090