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High LA Load Average

I have a BTC37 board with 7 Nvidia and 1 AMD GPU. It’s been mining perfectly for months, no issues. I have turned it off occasionally for updates and cleaning but other than that, it’s been running 24/7

Lately it’s crashed a couple of times with the NVIDIA GPU showing driver errors. Reset, no problem.

Today the load average was super duper high and even after turning the flight sheet off and booting in maintenance mode the LA was 20-30x higher than it should be and won’t start mining.

Any ideas what I can look at as being the issue? Running the latest version of hive

Reflashing the latest stable image will rule out potential software issues.

What cards and clocks are you running?

Thanks for the reply. I switched from LOLminer to Trex and TeamRed and noticed the TeamRed kept restarting. Disconnected the only AMD GPU and like magic, the rig is running smooth as ever with normal LA. Looks like the AMD card was the issue. Luckily I bought new from a reputable retailer and its less than a year old.

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