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High Hashrate but low Shares

Why is this happening between Rig02 and Rig04?
Both rigs have the same GPUs with the same settings but Rig04 with more than the double hash rate from rig02 produces less shares?
All rigs have the same problem but between 02 and 04 is more obvious.
Rig02 produces 45 shares per MH/s and all the others are about 17-18 shares per MH/s.

Hello, I have the same weirdness here

Same problem. I will listen in on this

i will expain it here

No explanation yet? As I am replacing old cards with new ones (3x faster hash) my shares have stayed same or even dropped a little. Weird! Time to consider alternatives?

I thought the same thing, but realized that smaller rigs hash less difficult shares than larger ones. It doesn’t affect the payout. if you hook a keyboard and type miner in the window, you will see live gpu data and the dificulty. when a unit seems to be freshly booted it will start at 5000 difficulty, and then settle in to wither 2500 or 1250, at least thats the case with my small rigs. I have a 4 card rig, 2 two card rigs, and a single card rig.

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