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High hash rate low earnings

Hello miners,

I am noticing that although my hashrates (both real time and reported) are around 455mh/s still my expected earning (ether tokens) are super low.

I checked to see in what to mine just to get an idea of what I should be earning in a day with my 4 rtx 3090s and it is well under the stated earning potential. At the moment it shows that expected earnings are $21 approx / .00663 mineable ether
So i am losing a big chunk of mineable ether.
I understand if it were to be over $30/day then it is acceptable but it is way beyond the benchmark. I have my rig running for almost 5 hours now.


And if you check tomorrow at whattomine you see different profit… because eth difficulty and eth price is not steady…

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Thank you for explaining that. Much appreciated !

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